What Makes You Unique?

by Sareka Smith on November 29, 2020

As an Artist/ Illustrator, running a creative business in a highly saturated field, I'm constantly working on ways to stand out from my peers. My real given name is Sareka Unique, but I still have to constantly ask myself what makes me Unique? What is it that sets me apart as a creative?

Sometimes ideas will come to us but we pause to act on them because we have seen it done before, but we have to remember that no one has done it like you. Your voice, your creativity, your background, your family are all part of what makes you unique. If you feel stuck trying to figure out what makes you stand out from others her are a few tip of things that I do to help bring me back to my authentic self.


Limit Screen time

In this social media driven society it is so easy to lose your creative voice. Sometimes I just find myself sitting and scrolling for no reason at all, and I think a lot of us are guilty of this. I follow so many amazing artist and creatives that looking through my feed can at times make me feel like an impostor or that I am not good enough. That feeling is a killer of creativity. Being a consumer all the time can cause you to forget your why, and it can cause you to question yourself and stunt the imagination. You can begin to use what you see on your feed to fuel your creativity, instead of relying on your own instincts and imagination.


Experiment with your craft

Once you limit your screen time you will have way more time to focus on your craft. The key here is to just have fun. Try to bring yourself back to why you started to create in the first place. Drawing and painting quiets my brain and eases my mind, this is one of the reasons why I create. So if you remember your reason, and just start creating for that specific reason as apposed to having an end result the creativity will flow. Once the creativity starts to flow ideas will begin to form to help you zone in on what makes you Unique.


Find your voice

Journaling is something I used to do a lot when I was younger and I have recently picked up again, with just writing down all of my thoughts and goals. Doing this and going back and reading older entries helps me to remember what is authentically me. It reminds me of what my voice is. It also gives me content to share. Most of the blog ideas I have come from me just writing about my experience as a creative entrepreneur.

I hope these tips help! what are some of the things you do when you feel like you are loosing yourself creatively?



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