Perfectly Unique 1 of 27

    Perfectly Unique 1 of 27 "Nessatina" 20x20" Original Painting on Canvas


    Perfectly Unique 1 of 27  "Nessatina" is part of a collection of Paintings created for Art Prize 2023 in Grand Rapids Michigan.

    Artist Statement

    Color can be used as a tool that evokes our emotions, it has a way of telling us how we should feel and what we should think. It was once said by Georgia O’Keeffe that somethings can only be said with color and shapes.  I use color as a way to bring happiness through my paintings. 

    Inspired by how we are each fearfully and wonderfully made and realizing how unique each one of our lives are I created 27 unique abstract portraits of black women that celebrates the beauty and individuality that is present in each of us. I invite everyone to experience Perfectly Unique and see themselves in the uniqueness of each portrait. 

    Nessatina is Caring, Determined and Independent.

    Please allow 5-7 business days for painting to ship.