"Infinite Bloom" - 48 x 60" Original Painting on Canvas


    “Infinite Bloom” 48 x 60 in Acrylic on Canvas is one of my favorite paintings from 2022!

    Like the majority of my paintings this one began with me just in a zone intuitively adding marks and colors on the canvas until I saw a flower start to emerge.

    It made me so happy when the bloom emerged because I love flowers but painting this one wasn’t my intention at all. But as I continued to paint I saw the petals emerge and she just continued to bloom as I created layers of colors and marks.

    It reminded me of how unique each person is and how our experiences in life continue to shape who we are and each day is another opportunity to bloom into the person God created us to be.

    Even when we are no longer around our impact on those we leave behind will continue to bloom inside of each of them like the ones we love who are no longer here blooms inside of us.

    “Infinite Bloom” is back in the studio after being on exhibit at the University of Michigan Hospital in the main lobby!

    ***Because of the size of this painting it ships rolled and will need to be framed once received. If you are local to Michigan, pickup/delivery of stretched artwork can be arranged just send an email to reka@sarekaunique.com